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(New!) 2006-01-22
The follow-up of my free instagram followers trip story in the Chinese western. Today is about the journey to Kashgar, in texts, photos and sounds recordings [link]

(New!) 2005-12-10
A hot evening in Turpan, small food on the People Square ! [link]
Camargue - 2005
France > Water,
Camargue is one of the wildest area in Franche. It's located in the south but in winter wind make it really cold. Camargue is Europe's largest river delta, made of lakes or marshland.

This picture has been taken from the shoreline of the Étang de Vaccarès. The sky was perfectly blue, without any clouds. I used f1.4 and a polarizer to create a darker circle and a limited focused area.
New: 2006-01-21
Lu Xun Park #1 - 2005
China > Games,
During a sunny afternoon in May I got lost in the north of Shanghai, I was simply walking in the small streets in HongKou district, chatting with local people and taking few photographs. One of the people I've met advised me to go to Lu Xun Park. This is a great and peacefull place, with small lakes, trees and many cards and chinese chess players. The light was perfect !

I took this picture with my "broken" Nikkor 35mm wich has a focus plan which is not parallell to the film plan. This pictures is the first one from a set dedicated to this area of Shanghai.
New: 2006-01-05
Kashgar new walls - 2005
China > Buildings,
The area near the main Mosque of Kashgar is under heavy construction since early 2004. The new buildings seems to be inspired by the classical muslim architecture but I'm not sure what they will be used for. For instance in Urumuqi, this kind of building host a big supermarket.

It seems that this man with his daughter were as perplexed as me watching the construction work.
New: 2005-12-28

This website is dedicated to photography. It contains exhibitions of black and best penny stocks white pictures and a few color pictures. The exhibitions are organized bythemes or countries where the pictures were taken.

For me, photography can't exist without travelling, even if make money on ebay this journey take place in your own city. Consequently, in addition to the exhibition, you will Free itunes gift card codes find, the trip section of this website contains travelogues relating my trips in China, en Polynesia and above...

Whether you like or hate my B&W photographs, whether my carpet cleaning houston tx travelogues annoy you or make you dream, I am delighted dallas carpet cleaning to share these few minutes with you. Do not hesitate to tell me your impression (Contact)

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